Consulting Rates and Conditions

My name is Mike Hudson and I own and operate QnQ Consulting as the Principal Consulting Director. I was previously the Web Strategy Lead for REA Group (ASX:REA – owner of, SEO Director for FirstClick Consulting and currently Head of SEO for SEEK (ASX:SEK).

Circumstances dependent, I am available for limited consulting on Website Performance Optimization.


  • Search Visibility to Business Target Alignment
  • Information Architecture to Technical Implementation (Web Only) Assessment
  • Front-end Performance Assessment and Recommendations


$500.00 per hour. The rate is non-negotiable. All time needs to be booked ahead of time. I will require a 50% deposit prior to commencement. Minimum of a 5 hour ($2,500) commitment.


I prefer not to sign NDAs. If this is a requirement for you, there is a $5,000 fee to sign your NDA. You will need to sign my consulting agreement (available on request) – it has a confidentiality agreement included.