QnQ Consulting Ltd is a bespoke web performance consultancy that specialises in providing tailored website performance and optimisation advice, centred around ‘Quality, not Quantity’, to entities that understand the benefit of a high-functioning website.

Leveraging many years of experience from working on small B2C websites to enterprise-level online presences across continents and languages, QnQ Consulting has acquired a deep understanding of the bottlenecks and solutions to overcome them when ensuring optimal outcomes on key ROI metrics.

Defining Principles

Quality, not Quantity  – it sounds simple, but this approach requires constant discipline to find that balance, that sweet-spot that exemplifies pride and craftsmanship without sacrificing delivery. Some may think that it’s about the pursuit of perfection, when the reality is that perfection is the perfect endless hole.

Quality of design: Thoughtfulness and processes that lead to user delight, that make it likely that someone will seek out a product, pay extra for it or tell a friend.

Quality of manufacture: Removing any variation in tolerances that a user will notice or care about.

Seth Godin: Defining Quality

Kaizen – the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement. Incorporating the innovation cycle of test-measure-refine-repeat, Kaizen has been adopted to mean rapid development and deployment, with the caveat that at every step both the current iteration is questioned in terms of execution and value delivered as well as questioning the next steps.

Assumption Reversal – taking all known assumptions and reversing them in order to trigger innovation and challenging conventional thinking to ensure that any reasoning is justified and can withstand critical analysis.


QnQ is owned and operated by Mike Hudson, an online veteran in web strategy with a proven track-record of implementing complex enterprise-level search optimisation programs, and employing technical methods to provide significant speed performance uplift leading to higher overall site performance.