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Site Review – Business Spectator

On the 18th of April 2014, Business and financial commentator Alan Kholer posted a tweet about the re-launch of his commercial website – Business Spectator: Check out the new @businessspec home page. http://t.co/DB1BW87nhs — Alan Kohler (@AlanKohler) April 18, 2014 Here’s their internal post: http://www.businessspectator.com.au/article/2014/4/17/commercial/welcome-new-business-spectator So following his suggestion, and waiting several weeks to allow the […]

Tag vs Attribute Semantics

Feel free to file this under the “Who really cares” label, but when it comes to professional web designers and developers advocating best practices, those involved in making recommendations to others on website optimisation (including SEO) need to be mindful of perpetuating bad information. Common-use doesn’t make for correct-use. One of the most frequent mis-labeling […]

Introducing sitespeed.com.au

Speed optimization and loading times are a major factor in website performance. With that in mind, and with the ever evolving rate of new development in this space, QnQ Consulting has created sitespeed.com.au, a micro-blog of links, quotes and snippets from around the web that provide tools and resources for people involved in web-development, and […]