Zenith Internet is now QnQ Consulting

Mike Hudson, founding director and lead consultant of QnQ Consulting has announced that the entity previously known as Zenith Internet Consultancy (NZ) is now known as QnQ Consulting.


Zenith Internet Consultancy was set up in 2003 as a small website hosting and development agency that provided design, development, domain registration and SEO services to SMEs in the [tooltip text=”located in the center of the North Island”]Taupo region[/tooltip] of New Zealand.

In 2006, Zenith Internet merged services with leading digital agency Digithink Interactive, where Mike Hudson took on the role of Technical Director.

In 2008, for personal reasons, Hudson left the shores of NZ for it’s nearby neighbor Australia, settling in Melbourne. Over the next 2 years, continuing services under the operational control of Zenith Internet were migrated to the entity that has now become QnQ Consulting Pty Ltd.

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